IDADFZ-1800 Wave fog machine

led stage lighting equipment for night club party,event decor,bar,wedding party,hotel.

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IDADFZ-1800 Wave fog machine

Technical  Parameter

Voltage used:AC220V-240V 50/60Hz

AC100V-120V 50/60Hz

Fuse:5A/250V 8A/250V


Pre-heating time:2.5Min

Smoke output:3500cuft/min

Tank capacity:3.5L

Oil consumption rate:99min/L

Controller:LCD-3 controller


Package size:600×590×265mm

DMX Channel:2

  1. Even and thin fog;
  2. Precise temperature control. No burnt flavor;
  3. No droplet from the nozzle;
  4. Own long-life heating system patent;
  5. Adopting “Never Blocked” patent technology;
  6. Ultra fast heating technology — within 2.5 minute;
  7. Low oil consumption, more energy conservation and environmental protection;
  8. 0~100 accurate adjustable fog output;
  9. Professional leak proof bottle, no leakage when transporting.

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